The Conch – World Citizen



Can you tell me now what we’re going to fight for?

World leaders are calling us to war

Knowing that two wrongs don’t make a right?

Why should I obey when they tell me to fight?

Arming up the world with their guns and tanks

Power for the pentagon and money for the banks

Trying to make an enemy of you and me

An enemy mentality

I’m a world citizen…

They keep on asking who but they don’t ask why

They could find the answers but they never even try

Control the world but they say we’re free

They got control mentality

Let us speak the truth out loud and clear

It’s not the refugees that we should fear

Laying the blame at our neighbours’ door

What is all this fighting for?

I am a world citizen – no matter your religion

I am a world citizen – or the colour of your skin

I am a world citizen – world wide community

I am a world citizen

Open up your eyes and your mind to history

Know your place in the unfolding of humanity

Behind the chaos of the world there is inspiration

Bearing the flags of justice and of liberation

We have a world that has come to us and is forever

Will it be life and love or the never never

If we divide the world and the human race

We’ll never know the beauty of this place

Operation infinite injustice

Trying to divide the world into them and us

Were gonna make our voice heard through the protest and the pen

‘Cause we’re never gonna find the truth out on CNN

Gonna build a movement in our homes and on the streets

The people’s movement is the one they won’t defeat

Take up the slogans of the movement for change

Everybody’s eventually gonna have to take the stage

And if the truth is gonna be heard

We’re gonna go out and spread the word

I am a world citizen – no matter your religion

I am a world citizen – or the colour of your skin

We are world citizens – world wide community

We are world citizens – no difference between you and me

No wonder there’s migration

And so many refugees

An island for the rich

In a sea of poverty

There’s no money for education

Or money for the poor

But hey presto, like magic

There’s plenty for a war

And no wonder there is terror,

Death and conflagration

People ground down by injustice

And humiliation

You complain there’s evil doers

Becoming human bombs

Why you are surprised

When you’re selling them the arms?

So when you sip your cognac

On this you just might ponder

When all you do is kill and kill

And all you do is plunder

And when you put your fences up

And put human rights aside

You make us all ashamed

By your cheating and your lies

There’s plenty of room in the world

We have to share this space

It’s 4 billion years old

No one can own this place

The storm clouds are a brewin’

We’re in for nasty weather

We fix things up as one

Or we all go down together

But just like the best laid

Plans of mice and men

We must change track, we gotta go back

To the drawing board again.

“I am a world citizen”